Many of you have heard recent calls by elected officials to further increase social distancing at parks and other outdoor gathering places like Farmers Markets. While it may be easy to confuse essential operations with non-essential public businesses that have been prohibited or discouraged, it is simple fact that people must eat, even in a crisis, especially a crisis that left shelves empty at many of the usual supermarkets and wholesale clubs or just scraps of foods picked over by a million other shoppers.

Healthy, fresh produce and meats are more vital today than it ever has been and finding the highest quality foods for your family has never been so important and challenging.

We here at knows how important it is to find the highest quality organic and naturally grown produce and meats for your family and for your health. That is why we have worked tirelessly in finding the highest quality farmers to bring farm fresh produce and meats directly to your families table. No need to risk your health in searching for available foods for your family when you have the best possible source right here where you can save hours of shopping.

Take a look around and if you have a local farmer that you like to buy your quality foods from, let them know they can place their products on and have a 24 hour store where your friends can buy quality foods as well. Pitch in and help your community by asking your trusted farm direct source of quality food to place their products on to assist others in finding high quality foods direct from the farm without risking thier health or stay at home orders.

If we all pitch in and volunteer a little of our time, we will have done our share in keeping our neighbors and neighborhoods safe and healthy.

CHECK BACK EVERY FEW DAYS TO SEE HOW THE ORGANIC FARM MARKET PRODUCTS PAGE HAS GROWN AND WITH MANY THANKS TO PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO GENEROUSLY PITCHED IN…. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter too and we will acknowledge some of the best contributors and farmers for their personal contributions here. Stay Safe & Healthy