Volunteer Leaders to Create Farm Communities.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. So you might be thinking what can I do to help build a farm community right in my area? You probably already know how extremely important it is to create a farm community where local customers get to know their local farmers and become intimately informed of where their food comes from while becoming educated in how to create an abundant food supply that is 100% sustainable.  

Here is how you can help:

Community: Community is the first step in bringing likeminded folks together to share their interest and discover the power the community has when they come together. Some already know they want to buy directly from their local farmers and understand the importance of sustainable growing practices. While others are just discovering a wholesome lifestyle and simply want a healthy food source for the families. Or maybe it is a local struggling farmers that needs help in establishing “farm to customer” retail sales channels to create abundance for their farm or perhaps successful farmers that want to add another retail channel to reach more consumers giving them choices in where and how they buy their food. No matter what, it ALL starts with building a healthy and involved community and developing leaders like yourself that simply stand up and say; “what can I do to help?”

Building a Farm Community: First we need a community leader and we thank YOU for raising your hand. This person is accountable for results and willing to be responsible for leadership in your local farm community. There is NO WRONG way of being a leader and there are endless ways of successfully building your local farm community. We start with what resources are already in your area: Farmers Markets, Farming Associations, 4H, National Young Farmers Coalition, County Fairs, State Fairs, Livestock Auctions, Farm Equipment Auctions, Flea Markets, Become an NCRS member, USDA membership and on and on. Building your local community is a lot of fun and as the local leader, you can quickly build a community that is educated and committed to having a healthy farming community.

Farmers & Consumers: One of the most important aspects of being a local leader is understanding the needs of both farmers and consumers. Farmers live to create wholesome food for their communities and make a living at getting these farm fresh foods in to the hands of the consumer while providing a good living for their families. Consumers are quickly waking up to their needs of choosing healthy food sources, which supply quality foods direct to their tables. TheOrganicFarmMarket.com is committed to this process and understands the importance for both the farmer and the consumer.

Membership: As a local leader, your most important focus is membership. The dictionary definition of membership is: “the fact of being a member of a group” and “the number or body of members in a group” and “a membership organization is any organization that allows people to subscribe”. This is where understanding the needs of both the farmer and the consumer are extremely useful so that we can provide both with what they are interested in. At TheOrganicFarmMarket.com we love the relationship between farmers & consumers and we are committed to developing local area communities known as “The Organic Farm Market Troup”. “The Organic Farm Market Troup” will organize all sorts of functions and educational series for both the consumer and the farmer. Events like: “Farm Table Dinners” where local farmers contribute farm fresh foods and local chefs & family cooks come together to create extraordinary feasts shared by the community. “Seasonal Harvest Festivals” where farmers and consumers can celebrate bountiful harvests and culinary recipes for these events. “Farm Field Trips” for consumers, families & chefs to tour a local farm to discover the amazing processes that bring their healthy foods to their tables. “The Organic Farm Market Workshops” which will cover a wide array of educational topics for both the farmer and consumer. Farmer Examples: How to Create Food Labels That Sell, Butchering Techniques for Huge Profits, Adding New Species to Your Farm/Exotic Meats & Produce, Live Demonstrations From Local Meat Processors, Choosing the Right Packaging for Your Products, How to Upload New Products on TheOrganicFarmMarket.com Website for Your 24 hour a Day Store, ongoing training on developing sustainable farm practices and on and on… Consumer Examples: Saving Huge Money by Buying Fractional Meats and Butchering Yourself (Live Demonstration), How to Identify the Best Sources for Healthy Foods, Creating Gourmet Dinner Parties, Surprise Your Family & Friends with Exotic Meats (Rabbit, Quail, Duck….), Local Restaurant Chefs Share Their Secret Recipes with Live Preparation with Special Restaurant Discounts, How to cut your weekly shopping down to 20 minutes using TheOrganicFarmMarket.com website (Special Product Requests Encouraged) and on and on…

Getting Started: I know by now you are probably as excited as we are at getting you started as a leader for your local “The Organic Farm Market Troup”. It’s really simple and really rewarding, just go to the “contact us” website page and complete the simple form being sure to choose “Become a Volunteer Leader” from the “I am interested in” drop down tab and be sure to include your address so we know your area. That’s It!

We will contact you shortly with weekly 30 minute conference call details; these calls will have other leaders from around the USA and is led by our CEO or another significant leader. These calls are jam packed with great step-by-step processes that will have your “The Organic Farm Market Troup” community established in no time. We welcome you to our family and looking forward to your development as a farm community leader in your local area. Thanks for getting involved and making a difference in your community.

Click this link to get started: https://theorganicfarmmarket.com/contact-us/