Becoming a Quality Vendor at

Thank you for your interest in becoming a quality food vendor here on We are excited to have you as a quality vendor and this blog will cover most of your questions and what is expected from you if you are accepted as one of our quality vendors.

ADVANTAGES: If you are looking to start your own online business or expand your eCommerce business through expanding your marketplace channels, which drastically increases direct to customer sales or direct to business sales, is amazing opportunity for quality vendors. Having a storefront or another storefront, which makes you money 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without adding a new single employee is  pretty impressive. is “quality food” platform where you can sell a wide array of products to our buyers around the clock. How amazing is it to wake up in the morning with money in your account and customers who love your quality products? Lets face it, it’s a lot of work selling through traditional means like the local farm market, road-side kiosks or worse yet just selling your products to packing houses or aggregators which pay you a fraction of the retail pricing for your products. What if you can sell your products direct to customers without giving all of your hard-earned money to the middlemen corporations? is a simple and unique storefront, which allows all types of quality vendors to sell their products to our buyers 24 hours a day. We handle all the marketing and expense to bring on quality buyers from the USA to the storefront and the buyers simply go shopping at in one convenient shopping cart and one simple payment. Then you are notified via email to ship our new customer their products the same day as ordering. All of the management for the sales are handled through your vendor dashboard. It’s really that simple. If you are a quality vendor wanting more sales and a direct to customer platform, you have found an amazing opportunity. (Read the entire blog below to setup your online marketplace.)

QUALITY: There are all sorts of farmers, growers and producers and here at our job is to find the best of the best in quality foods for our loyal buyers that include families, restaurants, hotels and many other industry buyers. In this blog, you will want to sort yourself out to determine if you really consider yourself the top 10% in quality of all famers/growers/producers in the country and if you are, we welcome you to our family of quality vendors and buyers looking to source the highest quality foods in the U.S.A.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Besides having the highest quality products in the country, you must also have exceptional customer service as our buyers want both high quality products and they want impeccable customer service. You see high quality buyers expect both high quality products and high quality customer care. They want to get to know their farmer/producer and make a relationship with them, they want to know where and who their food comes from and the processes in which their products are grown and processed.  It is expected here at that both buyers and vendors will have an amazing high quality experience 100% of the time as we consider everyone to be family.

CLEARLY & HONESTLY DISCLOSING AND LABELING FOOD PRODUCTS: Our buyers have thousands of choices when it comes to where they can buy their foods, meats, produce, herbs, coffees and choose to buy their products here at because of the highest quality, exceptional customer service and full disclosure/labeling. Our customers want to know what is in their foods, how it was grown, what are the ingredients, where was it grown, GMO/Non-GMO and whether it is organic, natural or conventionally produced. There are now standards for disclosing and labeling provided by several regulatory bodies including or you may click this link to discover more and if you need further local assistance for any farming needs you may always contact your local NCRS (Natural Resource Conservation Service) to get yourself setup for safe and full disclosure food labeling. You may use this link to identify your local NRCS representative to discuss how to comply with ALL food related regulations: It is the full responsibility of the vendor to be fully compliant with all domestic and international regulations when it comes to vending foods and is not an educator nor do we enforce regulations or violations.

PROPER CATEGORY DESCRIPTIONS: Our buyers want to easily find particular kinds of products quickly on and as such, we ask all vendors to properly categorize their products for ease of searching our website in order for our buyers to easily locate exact types of high quality foods they want for their families or business. EXAMPLES: Grass Fed or Gras Fed and Grass Finished meats. Organic Products, Naturally Grown Products, Conventionally Grown Products, Organic Raised Meats, Pasture Raised, Free Range, Cage Free, Wild Caught or Farm Raised Seafood,  American Humane Certified and on and on. Properly categorizing all products makes the shopping experience of our buyer as impeccable as the customer service provided to them. It is the vendors’ full responsibility to properly categorize their products and to fully disclose who the certifying entity is for the classifications. SEE TOP 10 ORGANIC CERTIFIERS FOR PROPERLY DISPLATING OF YOUR CERTIFIER: or USDA Certifications of which there are there are nearly 80 USDA-accredited certifying agents authorized to certify operations to the USDA organic standards. Of these, 47 are based in the U.S. and 31 are based in foreign countries.

All vendors must identify which entity they are certified with and properly categorize themselves appropriately.

PRICING & SHIPPING: All of your products should be priced with shipping to be included in the sales price of your product. EXAMPLE: 5lbs of Grass Fed & Finished Ribeye Steaks may have a total sales price of $50 of which $9 is your shipping expense. To keep things extremely simple for both our buyers and vendors, all pricing will be inclusive of shipping costs.

COMMISSIONS & WITHDRWAL OPTIONS: is setup much the same way as other well-known online retailers where we handle all of the expenses of maintaining the online storefront, marketing expenses to obtain new customers and all internal employee expenses for a small commission of the sale. Our flat commission amount is only 20% of the sale. Vendors may request a withdrawal from their vendor funds account once they have reached a minimum of $50. We hold a $50 balance at all times in case of refund requests or other liabilities. The withdrawal request can be submitted through your vendor dashboard and you may choose either PayPal or direct bank-to-bank transfer.

CUSTOMER LOYALTY POLICY: We here at spend enormous man-hours and expense in constantly bringing on new buyers to our market place and is by far our largest expense. Because of that, it is understood by ALL vendors that our customers and customer lists are considered the sole property of It is also agreed that ALL sales present and future will be completed through marketplace. If a vendor markets directly to a customer derived from or consummates a sale outside of marketplace, the vendor may be terminated from all future vending, immediate forfeiture of vendor funds account and there may be additional legal recourse. Please honor our customer loyalty and do NOT take business outside of the platform. We will complete a periodic survey of our customers to ensure compliance with this policy. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

VENDOR REGISTRATION PROCESS: There are many ways that you may have become interested in becoming a quality vendor at You may have been identified by one of our in-house representatives as a good candidate as a quality vendor or you may have been invited to register by one of the volunteers that are interested in helping grow our community, or you may have seen our online advertisements or you may have seen us on news or YouTube interviews. However you have arrived, we are always excited to bring on quality vendors to serve our ever growing market. If you were hand-chosen by one of our in-house representatives or one of our volunteers, they gave you an invitation clearance code that may look like “Miller20” via email, business card or post card. This tells us you have been invited to become a vendor and also tells us that someone pre-identified you as a “quality vendor”. If you simply came across us on your own, that is fine as well and you may simply complete the website vendor registration and one of your representatives will either call you to chat about your operation or email you with questions or a simple welcome aboard email.

Welcome aboard and we look forward to a long term and mutually beneficial relationship together.